The Quest For The Perfect Pop.

There were three of them: The Mouth, The Magician and The Mechanic. All on a quest for the perfect pop, none with a fully formed character or tone of voice. I was approached to develop their characters, write their bios, three voiceovers for the campaign films and all the copy for the microsite. Cheers!

"He's called The Mouth because, well, he can do anything with what doctors like to refer to as his 'cavitas oris'. Any sound, any instrument, any rhythm – you name it, he can make that noise perfectly with his mouth. It's made him one of the most respected beatboxers around.

However, he doesn't credit his success to his mouth, but his ears. Wherever The Mouth goes, he's always listening out for unique sounds to transform into the beats he's become famous for. Like 'The Pop', his signature sound that his opponents fear and the crowd love. "

What: Voiceover Text, Website Copy
Client: Grolsch Worldwide
Agency: Isobar
Creative Director: Dickon Langdon
Film Production: Caviar Content
Film Director: Bram van Alphen


Gsus sindustries
Holy Fashion

You pronounce gsus 'Jesus'. And I write texts for their lookbooks every season. Which means I can just about lay claim to being the voice of the messiah. Kaboom tish. Moving swiftly on, gsus wanted a new copy direction to match their new 'made by instinct' identity. It had to reflect their own creative process, combining craftsmanship with creativity and intuition with emotion.

Text that balanced their new mature, measured approach with their more youthful, rebellious origins. Which basically meant that I could mix beautifully crafted fashion texts with (ever so slightly) irreverent gags.

"If you ask a psychologist, they'll tell you that pink is a colour that stimulates energy, encourages action and boosts confidence. But we all know that pink is really all about one thing. Sex. To be fair, perhaps one other thing as well. More sex. So much so that if you wear pink on an evening out, extensive scientific research has proven that you're 87% more likely to be perceived as 'very attractive' by a potential sexual partner. Therefore it's a colour that needs to be handled particularly carefully when designing clothes. However, it's these very attributes that have led to pink being hailed by connoisseurs as the ultimate colour for Cut and Paste.
And fucking sexy."

What: Promotional Text
Client: gsus sindustries