All I wanted to do during my six-week work placement in The Netherlands was interview my favourite footballer and try to learn something from the country of Bruna, Rietveld and Crouwel before returning home to London.

I didn't expect to expand my command of the Dutch language further than 'neuken in de keuken', start putting mayonnaise on
my chips instead of ketchup or stay in the country for six years.

But I did. Because what I really love about Amsterdam, besides the canals, bicycles, Bojo's, de Prael and Paradiso, is its size. Big enough to be one of Europe's cultural capitals,
small enough to able to connect with people easily. Everyone is a coffee, a bike ride or an introduction away, which is just the way it should be.

Everything I've achieved could only have been done in Amsterdam - which is why it's the place I call thuis.